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Wallis and Futuna is a French territory... So you’ll have no trouble finding delicious French cuisine to enjoy, including legendary classics like seared duck breast, tournedos rossini, tender rib-eye steak and spice-rich couscous. And, of course, gorgeous French cheeses and charcuterie, not to mention fine French wines and champagne!

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Island savours
Island savours

The surrounding lagoon and ocean provide a rich harvest of succulent lobsters, coconut crabs, parrot fish, trevally and much, much more...

Tuna and bonito fish sashimi is very much a local speciality, along with marinated raw fish salad with coconut milk - every family has its own recipe! Not forgetting the delectable shellfish... rock oysters and the famous stuffed clams, to mention just two favourites.

Island savours


Pacific-style cuisine

The most traditional local speciality is the Umu, a word denoting the Polynesian earthen oven, the cooking method and the actual food cooked.

Prepared dishes are wrapped in banana leaves and then placed on a layer of hot volcanic stones laid at the base of an oven dug in the ground. The dishes are then covered with palm fronds, banana leaves and earth before being left to slowly steam for several hours until they perfectly cooked.

Island savours

An umu usually includes a suckling pig, tubers such as taro, yam and kapé (giant taro), breadfruit and shellfish prepared with coconut milk… There are also plenty of tempting desserts: “faikai” made with cassava or taro flour and sugar, “lu” , “sofesofe” made with banana or papaya and coconut milk... a feast of delights!

Breadfruit has a unique flavour in Wallis and Futuna and can be cooked over an open fire, served as a puree or diced as chips, crisps, and croquettes... Pigs rule in our islands - there are more pigs than people! Coconuts are also everywhere. Deliciously scented, they are an indispensable ingredient in local cuisine (and make great skincare products!). Each island has its own specialities: in Futuna you can treat your tastebuds to little “pakanuku” or water taros, coconut crabs and lobsters…

If your visit to our islands coincides with a traditional village or district festival, you can share in a special meal prepared by the villagers. A unique opportunity to savour a whole host of traditional specialities!

Island savours Island savours



Island savours

Wallis and Futuna are blessed with a wide variety of seasonal tropical fruit, vegetables and tubers: pineapples, mangoes, avocados, papayas, soursop fruit, lemons, bananas, star fruit, grapefruit, kafikas (rose apples), ambarella fruit, coconuts, passion fruit, watermelons, sweet potatoes, cassava and yams...

Island savours

The leaves of tubers are also eaten and used in delicious traditional dishes featuring coconut milk and fish, chicken or beef.

No fertilizers or pesticides are imported into Wallis and Futuna so all local fruits and vegetables are organically grown.

A quality certification process is underway.


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Island savours Island savours